About Posky

About Posky


In the past, it was hard to imagine that in the near future, night market vendors would have their mobile phones in hand, scanning barcodes to complete their customers' purchases; businessmen would use their phones to directly save merchandise or business information to their records instead of making a call to do so; customers at restaurants would use their mobile devices to order food, with their orders sent both to the kitchen and to a manager who can immediately monitor on-site sales and make real-time decisions about product specials or price adjustments.


Through the efforts of our thoughtful and enthusiastic engineering team, we have combined front-facing ordering and checkout with back-end inventory management into a free full point-of-sale and retail system.

Posky provides a free solution for stores to build their business capabilities, allowing them to provide quick and quality service, while also creating a convenient and flexible experience for their customers, which in turn improves the stores' sales. Posky frees up store owners to focus on their ideas, creativity, and entrepreneurship, and it enables them to no longer be limited by their size and compete with large chain stores.